Implant Dentistry

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When it comes to dental appliances, few are as well-known as dentures. Almost everyone has heard the stories about George Washington and his false, wooden teeth. And just about everyone has had the experience of seeing someone with poorly constructed or badly fitted dentures. If you are suffering from the possibility of or the occurrence of tooth loss, it can be a challenge to decide what to do about it. If it’s only a partial loss, especially of the back teeth, many people feel they can let the situation go since it isn’t visible to anyone else, without realizing the missing tooth or teeth is causing damaging bone loss in the jaw. For those who need greater coverage, the right set of replacement teeth can make a huge difference in how they feel, look, and give back much needed confidence.

With the use of dental implants, many patients can regain the look and health of their teeth and smile. This process is unique to the dentures of the past and offers a long list of benefits. Dental implants are designed to screw into the jawbone, giving the patient the same function they enjoyed when the original tooth was in place. Additionally, with the more in depth placement, there are no worries about dentures slipping, food particles becoming stuck underneath, and a host of other issues many traditional denture patients face. Dental implants also make it easier to maintain overall dental and gum health.

Qualified dentists, like Dr. Leung, are equipped to evaluate your specific needs, create a treatment plan, and start the process to placing your new, almost better than the originals, teeth. If you are ready to have the smile you were born, call today for a consultation with an experienced team, led by a knowledgeable dentist today.